Gerry_ThaliaThe Fabulous Creative Writing Group are a joyful gathering of inspired souls writing within a wide array of genres.

Spending happy hours working on film, TV and theatre scripts, poetry and novels, adventurous stories for magazines and faraway fantasies for Dungeons and Dragons.

We used to meet regularly in our colourful space in Ladbroke Grove, West London for long afternoons of writing-games and debates, as well as to hammer out our personal projects.

All while listening to assorted musical beats and grazing on popcorn and humous.

Some of us were/are seeking to sell/have sold our work (not our souls), some of us scribbled/still scribble for the therapeutic release... But what we had/still have in Common is the need, drive and PASSION to express ourselves via the written word.

And in case you were wondering, we see 'burning bridges' in a very positive light.
As the dictionary definition states:

"Burning bridges is a way of sustaining change by ensuring there is no way back".

UPDATE! Sadly the Fabulous Creative Writing Group have disbanded due to becoming homeless... So are happy to discuss offers of free accomodation in West London as the Arts Council will be able to fund us once we have a new home.

Any suggestions, please contact Alison HERE. Thanks!  


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Barry Keeffe Tom Rob SMith Ross Raisin George awaiting photo awaiting photo

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from Totleigh Barton in Devon

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The day The Fabulous Writing Group (and a few select others) wrote and performed
a song with George Michael...

Gearge Michael & The Fab Writing Group
George Michael writes a song with us

And here are the unsung heroes that we couldn't live without; seeing as they fix our computers, printers, kettles. software, lives......

...That is, when they're not pratting about on my bike.

AAMore dudes from Bridge Resource Centre:



NThe Blues Bro.