Hi folks, I'm Nez.

I heard about Alison and her Fabulous Creative Writing Group early in 2009 and they sounded a cool bunch. Turns out they are, making creative writing around them kind of uniquely motivational. This is due in no small part to the collective desire to support each other in producing our best works.




Since leaving school and then drama school, and following my five years service as a British Army engineering commando, I spent some time as a vocalist in a rock band. My first summer in London when I was putting my rock band together, I decided I'd one day make my experiences into a comedy/drama film. That four-story Kings Road house in Chelsea 's Worlds End lent itself to some free & easy, fun living - just what the doctor ordered for us bunch of bohemians that hot summer. There followed a decade as an entertainment manager dealing with music & wrestling.

Titled ‘The Worlds End' , the film idea was born. I sat and wrote a bunch of notes at the time, detailing the best scenarios and this is me kicking off writing it. I've trained in the last couple of years at the excellent City Literary Institute (CityLit) in Covent Garden studying Advanced Screenwriting and Advanced Journalism .

While there I founded and am chairman of The Covent Garden Writers Group , bringing together fellow journalist students to critique each other's works in progress. Again, it's good to have people around you who understand the mechanics and processes of writing to bounce ideas off.

From Adrian 's five main reasons people become writers (validation, security, money & glamour, love of the process and the need to communicate), I hit the last - “If there are stories inside you that you JUST HAVE to tell, then it's this that is your strongest motivator as a writer”.



I've worked as public relations executive for innovative medical & alternative therapies programme, ‘The Warrior Programme' . Warrior is heavily involved with the wellbeing of British Ex- forces. We've had articles & features in The London Evening Standard, The Sunday Observer, Tatler & Hello Magazines. Presently a B.B.C. documentary is being filmed about Warrior.

I continue to act as an ambassador for The Warrior Programme.



..As well as editing, writing, designing & photographing for Warrior's newsletter, I previously carried out these tasks for Ex-forces back-to-work programme, ‘Project Compass' . A highlight there was chairing a question time programme with guest Vice Admiral Peter Wilkinson, Deputy Chief of Defense Staff (the professional deputy head of the UK armed forces & military advisor to the government).



I'm working for London 's largest homeless charity St Mungo's as a reporter for their creative arts magazine Source.

I have just completed work as an interviewer for their ‘ Happiness Matters!' research programme that explores issues and experiences around emotional health & wellbeing. A report will be published in July calling upon the government to reform access to mental health support and treatment for homeless people.

..& I've recently accepted an invitation to become St Mungo's Ex-forces representative.

…hope this was worth a read and whetted your appetite for my forthcoming movie.

Cheers, Nez.

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