The Fabulous Creative Writing Group

Martyn Turay


Martyn has been a member of The Fabulous Creative Writing Group since it started. When I met him he was quite depressed and recovering from a ten year crack-cocaine habit, following the death of many members of his family in the civil war in Sierra Leone - and causing him to become homeless and also drop out of university (the reason he returned to the UK) where he was reading chemistry.

Martyn is an extremely talented and prolific writer (mainly of science fiction), has spent time working in science labs and is the quintessential 'mad scientist' ...Proving the old trueism of "there being a fine line between genius and insanity"(!)

Although he was quite challenging and unruly when first joining the writing group, during the five+ years he has been a member his frenetic energy has calmed a little, so although he will always be a 'colourful' character, he has become more disciplined...

And after much sweat and tears, is now on the final polishing draft of his science fiction novel:

(See his webpage for earlier chapter-drafts). ..For which he has penned an outline - and he is now working on cover letters, ready to send out to publishers and agents.

In 2006, Martyn won a grant to take a course in 'Writing The Science Fiction Novel' with the writer's charity, The Arvon Foundation. ..At The Ted Hughes Centre at Lumbank, Yorkshire. This gave his confidence a giant boost and according to Martyn greatly improved his writing - you can read his report of the course here.

Martyn's housing situation has been up and down since I've known him, mainly due to his erratic budgeting, but a few months ago we managed to help him settle into stable accomodation, so he can now hopefully concentrate on his writing.


He is a regular contributor to Source Magazine and has also had a few short plays performed by professional actors (and critiqued by professional writers) at The Player-Playwrights Society - his most recent play coming second in a playwriting competition (to rapturous applause!)

You can read his play SPACE FOR LOVE - HERE .


Of all the current members of The Fabulous Writing Group (if he can harness and direct his chaotic energy) he is in my opinion, the most capable of succeeding as a professional writer.