where are the clowns?

MAYBE ITS A SIGN of the times. I dunno. I thought I'll get up today and write a bit of my novel. been writing it for 5 years. decided to finish it this year. So because other successful writers say you should keep in touch with other creative minds and ting, I enjoy reading stuff on the Burning Blog. But I've noticed something. Nobody's doing any new blogs!! There are loads of witty comments on the old blogs, but no new blogs. Whats going on? wher are the original funny written remarks about Life? the encouraging few lines from our fellow authors? our struggle continues... Meanwhile T***** Water (plc) loses its stopcocks and fills in Cricklewood Reservoir to build new homes for sale and there are drought forecasts physically, I was hopeing for a break in the literal drought , a refreshing current of new ideas...

Alas! ... none of you's written a new blog all week just comments on the old ones... kinda like political party stories in the Daily Rubbish... h

Loads of critics, where are the original ideas? Hey you lot, keep it going and keep it real? i think writing's more fun if you share it...

I think you're great, I enjoy reading stuff by people going through the same kinds of experiences... alright thats enough moaning.

F***ing h*** my neck aches. don't fall asleep in a train. I did last night. you get a stiff neck down one side. They should put beds in trains. and libraries and art galleries too. i was in the Tate Modern a few weeks ago , saw a big pile of white polystyrene blocks a sculptress got paid a fortune for and felt like getting my head down... but they've just got benches. B******s.

Okay, now i'm off for a walk. maybe i'll see a flood , i'm sure i'll get a few ideas for writing about something. by the way does anybody know if, if you find a major multi-million -pound conglomerated water- and residential-property speculator's missing stopcocks, you'd get a reward?

o yes, something else. words are very powerful , like explosives almost. you've probably heard of laser-guided precision bombs. Presidents and Prime Ministers swear they're safer and less fattening than other bombs. Words must be precise... Now a company selling water in , say , the area round the River Smeath, may be called, say, Smeath Water plc. If theyre dealing in oil , you'd expect their name to be something like Smeath Petroleum... wouldn't you? and so, using similar logic, if you're selling housing or turning reservoirs over for housebuilding, you might call it Smeath Lands Plc or Smeath Homes Plc. Not Smeath Water though cos of Trade Descriptions, and to respect common sense, you can't call a filled in reservoir water any more... can you?

I leave it there for now. thanx for reading my ranting. Domo arigato, sayonara.

Mad Marty