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A fascinating character in his own write, is currently working on the 21st Century cyberspace novel :
(written under the penname Leoao Solaras, the influences of various mind-bending vibes, the tutelages of hermes the pagan deity and Alison the creative writing genie @ bridge)
…Dealing with the layered realities our minds perceive and create.

His short story:
The Imaginary Grampus
that first appeared in Source magazine
is typical of his science fiction.


Interview with Martyn Turay-Smith:

What are your influences?

“Partly classic science-fiction; space-opera, rockets, robots and alien planets: Isaac Asimov, Iain M. Banks, Doris Lessing, E.E. `Doc' Smith, Ursula LeGuin, Philip K. Dick, Vernor Vinge and Frank Herbert.
Partly the bleak visions of computerized dystopia, the Cyberpunk School of writers such as William Gibson.
…..And I get a lot from life.”

And your latest film script Body Parts (pdf file). That's not about alternative Universes and space. In fact it's pretty bleak.  Where do you get these sick ideas?

“Umm... that one was actually triggered by a newspaper story I saw back in the '90's, about a sweet little old Russian grandmother, a babushka, who got arrested at Moscow Airport trying to sell her granddaughter to a Swiss organ transplant clinic.”

Asked about his plans for the future, Marty says:

`Well first, to finish my novel; and then sell it to a publisher. And then, to combine writing sci-fi with my other big passion, inventing gadgets.”

And what have you invented lately?

“I'm working on a solar-powered cabin-cruiser for traveling round the coast without polluting the sea.”


What are your key beliefs?

“Freedom. Quantum physics. Human empowerment through knowledge. That was formerly regarded as esoteric and limited, restricted, only for a very few... The world has shifted though, towards a holistic way, towards freedom, towards reality, towards power sharing and emancipation since the 1980s. The decisions by countries like South Africa and Kazakhstan , to unilaterally scrap their nuclear weapons, in the 1990s. The Kyoto Agreement, the new awareness of the oneness of the world. The new New York agreement... which the Mayor of London's argued for for years, based on the fact that the world's biggest cities use more energy than the smallest countries and its easier to control the energy budgets of cities.“

Do you think biggest means best?

“Not necessarily.”

What's the next priority after getting rid of nuclear bombs?

“The next step? Scrapping all bombs – chemical explosives and incendiaries too. And converting the world to clean electricity and clean food. Feeding everyone and reversing pollution; de-polluting the ocean. The sea's full of nuclear fuels, uranium and deuterium. Using quantum physics we can convert those to clean electricity.”


What about wind and solar power? Aren't they better?

“Up to a point. But you'd have to use a lot of land to get enough electricity for even today's use. And to replace oil and coal and uranium-plutonium fission you want a competitive power source. That's deuterium. The sea's full of it. If you had twice the numbers of people alive in the world, say twelve thousand million instead of the present six, and they each use 4 kilowatts of electric power right round the clock 24/7, that's about twice what the average American uses, four times the average Western Europeans' present use... You could power the world like that for over 100 million years on the 1,000 million million tons of deuterium in the sea. “

And then?

“Then we'll extract deuterium from Jupiter's hydrogen reserves, which weigh more than our whole planet Earth.”

So why aren't we doing it? why are we still burning oil and coal, polluting the sea and the air? Why has the Yangtze river dolphin just been declared extinct? Why are people being killed in the Oil War in Iraq ?

“Because your big corporates are all invested in oil, and they haven't bothered to develop alternatives. Lithium-ion battery technology and compact electric motors for cars and scooters are an example. Science offered today's technology to industry back in the seventies. But the corporate bosses said, nah, not profitable enough, let them breathe exhaust fumes.”


What about artificial organic fuels? Vegetable diesel, say.

“Well, you can reduce plant fatty acids to alkanes. Something like, say, octanoic acid to octane, for combustion engines. Artificial petrol. Rapeseed oil to diesel, and so on. Corn oil based synthetic fuels, the science and tech was done ages ago. In the USA in the 1920s in fact. But electricity's cleaner. And people want to use the land for growing food and for leisure activities.”

So you'd like the world to run on clean electric power and irrigate all the deserts for farming and leisure parks?

“Yes. The forty milligrams of deuterium in one liter of seawater can give off as much energy through fusion as you'd get from burning two hundred liters of fuel oil. Three gigajoules of heat, enough to run a ten-kilowatt generator for 24 hours.”

Wow. So you could run your little cabin cruiser on that?

“That's the idea. Clean energy from the sea.”

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Martyn concludes with his bio:

Where have I been?
Born in London's mega polis; spent my childhood in a quantum state spanning Sheffield in Yorkshire and Sierra Leone in Africa and currently inhabit a collapsed wave function just inside the North Circular Road.

What do I do?
Write sci-fi, party and sleep. Have been a builder, research laboratory assistant, zookeeper, museum curator's assistant.... Writing draws from every other part of life and gives something back to us all.

Favourite animals?


STOP PRESS! …..Marty attended a course with the writer's charity, The Arvon Foundation (after winning a full grant) click here to read his report.

Martyn ALSO recently spent a week with The Fab Writing Group at the Totleigh Barton,
Arvon Centre in Devon
click here to see the photos and here to see
the video that we made!

Creative writing by Martyn:

The Quantum Sex & Chocolate Powered Spaceship (A novel)
The Imaginary Grampus
(A short story)

Bodyparts (A screenplay)
Spare Parts (A short story)

Mid-Air Revaluation (A very short play)

Martyn with his play script

Martyn with his Mid-Air Revaluation play script

Appetite (A short story)
Night Shift (A short story)

Space For Love (A short play)

martyn's certificate

Martyn's 2nd Place Certificate for Space For Love


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