Go to sleep, you silly animals.


Shut up and go to sleep.

What ?

Look, there's all kinds of great events happening and thing, but you gonna go to sleep or i'm gonna put you there. Good night.

Right. That's the tyjju in bed. Tyjju are pleasant creatures who inhabit the space round gas giant planets. You get to Jupiter , Saturn, any of those big petroleum-balls in the sky, the two new ones orbit e- Eridani or somewhere, a few light-years off, they're all swarming with tyjju. Never sleep, unless you terrify them shitless. Sorry about the language earlier. I was given these two gas-eaters by a mate off a Fomalhautan freighter. A big spaceship with a journey-plan for fifty years and seven inhabited systems. Earth/Solar being their third stop.

Now, tyjju breed. I could write the details out but you'd get disgusted and Shane 'n' Wayne would write letters to the editor.

So they started out with thirty tyjju, for company. They're good for vibes. They hum and whistle and put out good vibes. Peace 'n' harmony. Now there's sixteen thousand three hundred aboard the ship, and it's only been in space thirteen years, so i get a present off the Fomalhautan Traders' Guild. Two tyjju, and a box of pellets that give off hydrocarbon gases on heating. Tricky. Feeding times are... tense. I've got a plan, though. See how human leaders give off a lot of hot air? I'll take these tyjju to Washington and give them to President Shrub. And they'll all coexist happily until someone strikes a light while they're feeding.


Thus doing outer space's bit for the governmeant smoking ban.

Hey! hey, leave my computer alone.