Joining this Fabulous Writing Group, expertly managed and bullied by the fabulous Alison, has enabled me to explore the talents I want to express as a writer. I have never been involved with a writing group before and indeed never committed myself to writing on this level, but now my aim is to write a novel.

Being involved with this group has been a tangible way for me to focus as well as giving me the opportunity to meet some amazingly talented people. There is always honest and creative feedback on hand - as well as encouragement and guidance.     





Mark and van






















mark at picnic

Welcome to my world

I was born in London, England and grew up in the Camden Town area.
In 1974, at 12 years old, Mum took my brother Martin, Sister Amanda and I to live in Australia.

At first I hated the place. The weather, the people, the whole culture was so different. I missed my father, other relatives, my friends and even my school.

But soon we were living in Bondi, right next to the beach and I learned to surf... And it wasn’t long before I was a regular wax head and loving the Aussie lifestyle.

I have 4 fantastic children; Andrew 26 / Natasha 19 / Nicole 18 / and Alex 16, still living in Australia, but alas my relationship with Marigo (my children’s Mother and ex wife) ended in 2001.

I returned to England in April ‘07 and am creating a new life, reconnecting with family here and making new friends.




















The novel I am working on is called....



The Premise:

Four ex cons reunite after many years to pull one last job in order to save the life of the gang leader’s son.


The story starts when four old mates in their 60’s come together after 10 years. Dave / Neil / Richard / & Steven. Dave and Neil are brothers. Some of the gang have been in the nick, others travelling. They are all ex members of the Notorious GRINDER (armed robbery gang that operated all over Great Britain in the 80s).

Neil has a son Steven, he is 10 years old he has the fatal condition contpulitaus. Steven needs a life saving operation which involves an organ transplant. He is on the donor list but time is running out.

Neil knows to save his son he must take him to Brazil and get the operation done on the black market but he needs the money. So he attempts to put the gang back together....














I work as a rigger specializing in heavy crane lifts. These are the type of cranes I was working with in Australia:











While involved with the Fab writing group at The Bridge Training Centre I have also had the chance to explore the many other programmes, training, volunteer work and activities on offer.
Whether it’s completing an intensive course to gain accreditation to help me get back to work; ....Or a picnic in the park playing games and getting to know my fellow members and the staff at Bridge better; it’s been amazing to have the opportunity to reconnect, gain new skills and make new friends. There are so many people I would like to thank from St Mungos and I am grateful to them all.

I especially want to thank Corin Pilling who has given me huge encouragement and support in helping me prepare to get back to work and sort out various issues.



MArk and crane





...Now the lads start training to get into shape and scout for jobs to pull off. They know their chances are limited of a decent payload at this time of life - and neither can they jump the counter three or four times a week like they used to!

Dave is the 'brains' and does the planning and logistics.

Neil is the fitness fanatic and will be
whipping the team into shape. 

Richard is the wheel man - there isn’t a car that he can’t get his hand’s on.

..And Steven is the fraudster - this man can make a convincing fake document from a cereal packet and sticky tape.

The road back to being the most prosperous and revered arm robbery gang of their time is both funny and tragic, with a great many twists and turns along the way.


(I am hoping to put the first 20 pages up for your entertainment and feed back soon.)









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