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Born in 1972, I was sent off to boarding school for 8 years,
Where I learnt, apart from the usual academics; horse riding; tractor driving and other such country pursuits.
At times,
As I'm sure you can imagine, I became very bored …so I spent much of my spare time collecting music, and then started writing My own.

I then got to the age when I wanted to go to the local disco (13) and this was the highlight of the week.
Soon, I began performing for the Disco-goers - earning a rather impressive fan base.

And after returning to London, I met up with some like - minded youths and joined a few different sound systems.

I then got involved in community radio, which was a Great experience (though an unpaid one!) Now, I am involved in a production Company Called Picky Edz.

…We are currently working on a mix C.D, so watch this space!

It hasn't been all roses though.

I have experienced homelessness,
Racism, and many other negative issues.

But as Marcus Garvey said though:

"We shall overcome!

Mak1st xxxx


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