Hello my name is Iggy


I used to be a full-time member of the Fabulous Creative Writing Group (But that's another story....) These days I'm more of an "honoree member" working in an advisory capacity - as well as regularly subscribing to the blog:
See our blog!

They are a friendly, if somewhat eccentric bunch - but I do think they need to put down their paperwork sometimes and spend more time chasing balls.


Stop Press! Stop Press! Guess who won "Best Dressed Dog" at the St.Mungo's Dog Show....!

Me and my rosette

Iggy_huge_tounge IGGY2

Today is not a crap day.
It is just a rainy day.
...And one can have a LOT of rainy-day fun,
If one wears the right attire.

This is me in my raincoat.

I recently attended a writing course in Devon.
You can click here to see the video we made!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish. R.I.P Iggy: Nov.1997 - April 2014

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