I have been writing
since an early age and think of myself as a storyteller.

Now in my 54th year I look back at what has brought me to this point.

I have always had a knack for acting and creating stories. In the last 30 years I have been on the stage as an actor as a stand-up and an improviser, and this I feel has helped me as a scriptwriter but even now I think there is much to learn.




I am involved in several groups including this here Incredible Writing group and Cardboard Citizens.

This year I have written a short piece called Changes which I have entered into the Westminster Prize.

I realize most of my writing is humorous but there is always a message there - and here on this page I will be sharing my work.

Changes - a one-act play

Click HERE


....To see me performing a monologue-in-progress.

Stop Press! Stop Press! I have paid acting work with the forum theatre company, Cardboard Citizens & am now off on a 3 month tour of Austria....!

I am also our

administrator - come join us!

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