The Fabulous Creative Writing Group

Fara Avelsheni


Fara first came to St. Mungo's as a refugee from Iran, escaping extremely traumatic circumstances.
..And having to leave her family (including her two young children) behind.
When I met Fara at Bridge five years ago, she was living in a hostel and in a very distressed state, missing her children greatly.

Her plans were:

(1) To find a flat of her own.
(2) To move her children to England to live with her.
(3) To gain/update her qualifications (she was already highly qualified in petrochemical and chemical engineering and working as a research chemist at Teheran University in the area of critical solvent extraction) so that they would be recognised in the UK and she could find a job.
(4) To improve her English skills.
(5) To start a new career as a teacher.

She attended ESOL classes with the Adult Literacy Team at Bridge in order to work on her English and joined The Fabulous Creative Writing Group mainly for theraputic purposes (during her three years with the group she thrashed out her whole life story) ...And also found herself writing some creative short stories, as you can see from her web page.

By constantly using and writing her life story in English, her language skills improved by default - as did her computer skills (She also attended ECDL classes at Bridge).


Within a year she had moved into a supported house, her English had improved tremendously and she was taking maths exams to gain entry to teacher-training.

Two years later she had her own flat and was taking a heap of exams at a further education college (as well as continuing to write her life story in The Writing Group and also taking an active part within The Player-Playwrights Society on Monday evenings, which gave her a sense of belonging).

The only clouds were her on-going difficulties in being reunited with her children as her ex-husband was reluctant to let them go - and this led to depression and subsequently being prescribed heavy medication which often made her drowsy.

Four years down the track, by 2008, I am happy to report that Fara had at last gained all her necessary qualifications and left The Fabulous Writing Group to start work as a Chemistry Teacher in a Secondary School :-D
(She was also optimistic regarding seeing her children in the UK as they were approaching the age of sixteen).