no labels please,

(o.k female)

just honest.

Raised amongst

the extreme diversity

that is West London,

I am the oldest of many siblings and cousins

which means I'm

BOSSY, read on!

Writing has been my only constant.

Reading taught me that I could change my mind.

My roots are in realism with branches in psychology, culture, philosophy, performing arts, child development and personal development.

I'm growing towards the mystical and metaphysical.
I know everything and I know nothing.

Contradiction and changes in perspective throw questions into my writing - relentlessly.

A dreamer and poet since infancy but forced to be logical and tough.

Magic and misery.
Pain and love.
Pessimism and optimism.

I love 'Burning Bridges' because the writing group is full of survivors with timeless minds and fascinating journeys.

Behind the clouds is a burning sun.

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