I am 24 years old and was born in Calgary, Canada.
(I also tell lies - The Ed.)


I was actually brought up in
until 1970 - and while still at
baby school I was an assistant
organist at St. James's
Cathedral, Toronto.

I was also a chorister at
The Queen's Chapel
of the Savoy
for a short time and
educated at
St. Olave's Grammer School
for an even shorter time.

I studied piano, cello and organ
at the Junior Guildhall School
Of Music And Drama in London.

I was then sent down from
Oxford University for
drug offences and transferred
to Sussex.....

To be continued.

bunny rabbit

andrew outside cute bunny

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This six-minute play was written to the brief of 'The Big Issue' and performed at Player-Playwrights. ...Receiving a hushed gasp as the 100 or so members in the audience held their breath for the duration. Not one for the squeamish, but Andrew's never one to shy away from controversy - and it certainly kicked ass! We loved it.}

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