Hi Johnnie Cope are ye walkin noo or are yer drums a'beatin yet?

One of the first battles of the Jacobite Uprising (the "45") Bonnie Prince Charlie an all that .com., Prince Charles Edward Stuart, to be correct . Took place @ Prestonpans just north of the border ,the Scottish /English border that is, in 1745.

An English Army under the command of General Sir John Cope was en-camped @ Prestonpans. They had been sent north to finish ( put an end to) the attempt by the Scots to restore a Stuart to the Throne of Scotland and England. The Stuarts in their opinion were the rightful heirs to the Throne of the two Kingdoms.
As dawn broke over the English armys tented camp, the sound of the Scottish War Pipes broke into the misty stillness. The Clans had eaten their
porridge and were swiftly advancing, claymores drawn, intent on kicking the shit out of the Redcoats. Who by now were awakening bleary eyed and wondering a bit fearfully,"wot the fuck all the noise was about," as they were pulling on their breeks and struggling into their tunics.

N.C.O.s screaming orders:
"Stand to." " Get fell in two ranks."
"Load your muskets." And, more importantly at this stage of the game ,the most crucial order of all.........................."Fix ......Bayonets."

The sound of the Pipes now filled the morning air.
General Sir John Cope at the same time as his Infantry, ..wondered, " wot the fuck was going on."
Took a .quick look through the flap of his tent and realising things were a bit more than iffy, leaped upon his horse and galloped south to Berwick upon Tweed. Where he became the only General in the annals of British Military histoiry to bring the news of his own defeat.
The tune the War Pipes were playing;
" Hi Jonnie Cope are ye walkin' noo or are yer Drums a'beatin yet."