It is nice to be stuck into the creative process in the writing group. Surrounded by creative people in a friendly, thought-challenging environment.

Sipping my tea and thinking of a rhyme in a room full of people creating.......creating!

This is what my world is about: Poetry, art, jewellery making. Photography once, anything that stimulates the senses and urges me on - to bring something out of me, to the fore, to share, to present to my world, this world.

This spirit takes me in my night dreams and waking dreams, roving Brighton beach on a spiritual nature quest. The sea and scenes of visions guide me - Margate, Eastbourne. The wildlife in London heals me.

To live with nature as a partner, co-creator... I thank my god that I'm alive to witness such beautiful scenes.

The spiritual quest has also taken me to beautiful places and spaces so great inside of me. It is an honour to be part of this spiritual earth flow.

What a path of experience - I am indebted to the infinite source of love.

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