Hi I'm Roxanne

..A member
of the crazy
led by


Here are some facts about me:

I like me.
I'm a bit of a recluse.
I sometimes find it difficult to get motivated.
I have Bipolar.
..& sometimes if I don't take the tablets I get a bit manic..
Go a bit crazy....
But mainly I'm pretty level headed.
I often attract people who take kindness for weakness;
But believe that a higher power keeps on showing us the same situations
Until we finally get the hang of it...
And I finally have!
I like to have a good laugh
And I cannot abide racism
Or bad manners.
I think I'm quite tolerant
And also quite likeable
But a little set in my ways.
I am very approachable
And I would make a good friend.


My Poems:

Baby Blue
One Mum

I recently spent a week with The Fabulous Writing Group,
at the Totleigh Barton, Arvon Centre in Devon:
click here to see the photos and here to see the video we made!


Roxanne's chart

My Natal Report


Simple cosmic guidance for truth-seekers in a hurry: