The Fabulous Creative Writing Group

Kevin Lewis


Kevin (or Mak1st as he would prefer to be called) joined the Fabulous Creative Writing Group to work on his rap lyrics with the intention of performing them on stage as a 'performance poet' - and for the last few years that is essentially what he has done.

His writing is also a much needed therapy for Mak1st as a way of dumping a lot of pain from an unhappy childhood and of releasing much stored-up anger. (His lyrics sadly are rarely optimistic!)
However, since joining the group his writing style has become much deeper and concise - and less pure rant!

He has performed his raps at many open-mike spots as well as other venues such as parties for friends.

Last year he even spent time in a studio and cut a CD -one track of which is on his webpage.

Mak1st's journey with the writing group has had it's ups and downs as since I've known him he has had his troubles with drug addiction and the accompanying lifestyle - and subsequently been in and out of a few hostels while struggling with his issues - and has come to blows with myself a few times due to his erratic attendance at the writing group!

At the time of writing this however, he has been clean for quite a few months.


He has also moved into more stable, shared accomodation and is definitely more disciplined and punctual when attending the writing group and is now reading widely (plays and literature) as well as contributing greatly to the group as a whole (he is in charge of our music collection and also has plans to record all of our play-readings for our website).

He is currently making his first attempt at playwriting (a play about two rival drug dealers!) which is certainly theraputic for him and hopefully he will see it performed at The Player-Playwrights Society that we belong to.


It is always touch and go with Mak1st, I have seen him slide backwards as well as make great strides forewards, but I do believe he has the energy and drive to succeed in creating the life he wants (including access to his estranged daughter) if he can find the strength to let go of his troubled past.