The Canine Report For

November 12, 1997
12:00 PM
London, England

Sprog's Astro Party
Earls Court


        Your animals can be your best friends in life. Just like us, they also have their unique personalities. We may not always know their exact time of birth but we can still look at the chart for the day of birth and determine an incredible amount of information. If the exact time is unavailable a Sun sign chart will be used as the basis for the chart. We can benefit by knowing where our pets' full potential might be met.  And like our human friends there may also be difficult areas of their personalities, which we must learn to accept or correct. Not all dogs are suited for agility or obedience. Some will do better at guarding their masters; others might behave well in conformation. By understanding the potential of our dogs we seek ways to improve what already exists and accept things that are sometimes unchangeable or a challenge.

        There are 4 basic elements that make up a chart; they are earth, water, air and fire. If IGGY has 4 or more planets in one of these elements he is considered to have more than average. By giving a weight or number to these planets we can determine if the chart has tendencies that would be influenced by being overweighted in that particular element. The Ascendant, Midheaven and planets on the angles are also given a number, which is included in determining the makeup of a chart.

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        This birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth.  For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:

Sun     20 Sco 08               Pluto     4 Sag 53
Moon    21 Ari 34               N. Node  17 Vir 52
Mercury  6 Sag 59               Asc      19 Cap 17
Venus    7 Cap 01               MC       23 Sco 52
Mars     2 Cap 28               2nd cusp 19 Aqu 17
Jupiter 14 Aqu 05               3rd cusp 19 Pis 17
Saturn  14 Ari 32               5th cusp 19 Tau 17
Uranus   5 Aqu 06               6th cusp 19 Gem 17
Neptune 27 Cap 30

Tropical Zodiac   Standard time observed.
GMT: 12:00:00     Time Zone: 0 hours West.
Lat. and Long. of birth: 51 N 30      0 W 10  

Aspects and orbs:
Conjunction  :  7 Deg 00 Min
Opposition   :  5 Deg 00 Min
Square       :  5 Deg 00 Min
Trine        :  5 Deg 00 Min
Sextile      :  4 Deg 00 Min
Conjunct Asc :  5 Deg 00 Min Above,  7 Deg 00 Min Below

Element Emphasis

Earth Sign Emphasis:  (Score of 10,11,4,3)

        IGGY has an abundance of earth in his chart. He is one of your more stable and secure animals. There's no surprise here; IGGY is very down to earth and predictable, often found in the same spot guarding his territory. IGGY may be suitable for doing labor (sled dogs, working dogs) in fields or garden but is not exceptionally active or excitable. IGGY would much prefer simply lying around doing nothing.  He likes to be home, never wandering far. His love of food could present a weight problem for IGGY as he ages. IGGY needs to feel productive and should be kept active with daily walks. Don't let his lazy streak cause you to lose exercise time. There's no excuse except illness that should prevent IGGY from daily exercise. Encouraged him to keep moving.

        IGGY's idea of labor is chewing on a special bone or digging away in the garden. This is one of your most persistent of animals. If IGGY wants to dig a hole under the fence, you can bet he will do so until satisfied. IGGY is very patient and dependable. He has an exact methodical way of doing things. Balance IGGY out by adding water to his environment. Try visiting a few lakes and streams. Use a children's pool if all else fails. He may put up a struggle at first but can learn to really enjoy the activity once he knows how much time he gets to spend with you.


        The ascendant, or sign on the horizon at birth, changes approximately every 2 hours. To get a true picture of an animal a time of birth is very helpful. From the ascendant, not only do we learn the appearance and characteristics of an animal, we also derive a pattern for the chart itself. The ascendant is the face we show to strangers, animal and human alike. We may view IGGY as his Sun sign, but others will see the sign on the ascendant. The rising sign dictates how IGGY portrays himself to others. These characteristics are entirely different from what we see on the home front. Learn more about how others see IGGY.

Capricorn Rising:

        Although somewhat shorter in stature, IGGY makes up for this with his commanding presence. Just look at IGGY and you know he means business. The true working dog, IGGY can assist you to complete projects and move objects if necessary. If IGGY wants to dig his way out from under a fence he will do so even if it's electric. Steadfast and persistent; there is no stopping IGGY once his mind is set. A leader by nature, submissive to none. IGGY will try to please you, going to extremes to do so. Other animals will follow his examples leading to less training on your part; IGGY will show them the right way to behave. Give IGGY the respect he deserves and you can see him turn around from a seemingly less than fortunate early life circumstance. These dogs prove to be quite amazing, often improving with age.


        Sun Signs give the basic identity of an animal. This is the real side you will see once he trusts you enough to show it to you. Although not always apparent to strangers, to those he lives with, there is no question what IGGY is really like. The basic needs and patterns in life are strongly governed by the Sun. Where it is found in the chart will influence that area of your dog's life strongly. He will put his best paw forward in this area, being noticed by all.

Sun in Scorpio:

        Secretive and reclusive might be how you would describe your Scorpio dog. He probably has a whole stash of articles that are buried somewhere never to be seen by human eyes again. He has never forgotten a punishment or command yet. Whether he decides to obey it is another story. IGGY holds grudges and remembers those who might have been mean or mistreated him in the past. Trying to get IGGY to come out of his shell may be difficult but once the element of trust is established he will be yours 'til the end. IGGY owns you and don't forget it. He may allow you to enter his world once in awhile but only with an appropriate bribe. Sensitive to your feelings and emotions IGGY will not leave your side during upsetting moments. IGGY's job, to protect you until death, is taken quite seriously and let no man or beast come between you. He lives for your approval and acceptance.

Sun in the 11th house:

        If these dogs could talk they would, and some do. IGGY gets along with many varieties of animals, and is often seen communicating quite nicely with all. IGGY is fond of packs or multiple animals in the family unit. IGGY sees to it that all get along. IGGY makes them friends for life, and he may prefer their company to yours. Don't get offended, IGGY loves you too, he just doesn't want to miss anything. Always active and looking for something that intrigues him. He is bored with the ordinary so you'll have to try extra hard to find things to amuse him. IGGY is way ahead of the game using thought transference as an alternative way to communicate. It will be hard to hide your plans for the veterinary visit you had planned for next week from him. He will instinctively know and be sure to be nowhere to be found at departure time.


        The Moon tells us how dogs bond with us on an emotional level. Now, we all know dogs have emotions but they show it in different ways. The Moon demonstrates what he really loves in life. This is the treat to their humdrum day. If wanting to know what to buy for a pet look to the moon sign to determine the perfect gift.

Moon in Aries:

        IGGY is always the first male to demonstrate his feelings towards other animals and humans alike. IGGY makes friends easily but may change alliances often. Emotions show on his happy face as he offers you his paw. Always excited to greet you and anxious to go out and play. Quick, aggressive, and impulsiveness, IGGY needs to know who the boss is. IGGY could have quite a bit of spirit and you may want to spend time in obedience classes. Hopefully it will prevent him from making poor choices. IGGY has quite a temper when not allowed to get his way; he will beat up toys or just about anything he can get his paws on so that you are aware of how upset he is.

Moon in the 4th house:

        Give IGGY a home to watch over and a family to love and he will reward you in many ways. He will always watch for intruders, keeping harm away. IGGY is never far from the kitchen and food is seldom refused but eating habits can be altered by stress. Try to keep the home environment calm and mealtime quiet or secluded from others who might steal his food.


        Mercury in the chart shows us a little bit about the intelligence of an animal. For every human that is a little slow and methodical in their thinking there is another who is quick and intelligent in their response. Although a dog can't write or talk to us, there is a certain communication that he shares with other animals and humans. Some are quick learners while others take a more practical approach to learning. Mercury shows you strengths or obstacles that may occur in the process.

Mercury in Sagittarius:

        These dogs were made for travelling and your IGGY is no exception. With wanderlust in his heart, he yearns for the time he spends with you on the road. Whether it be in the car or on a winding trail you can't keep IGGY away from adventure. It seems to find him. Never sure where the next path may take him, he cherishes his time out of the house. Friends with all humans and animals, IGGY will be submissive if need be to keep peace in the pack. "Let's keep this fun," he seems to say to the other animals. If anyone can be an incentive to exercise IGGY can. He is always ready to go, picking up the leash or keys to let you know, "Let's go, I've been waiting too long and life is too short."

Mercury in the 11th house:

        If IGGY could have his way the entire house would be filled with all his animal friends. From the squirrel down the street to your neighbor's tomcat, there is no one IGGY hasn't befriended. IGGY loves to communicate with all his human and animal friends and would be bored if he were unable to. Often found in group situations with other animals, he may enjoy daily visits to dog parks where he can communicate with his varied friends.

Mercury Sextile Uranus:

       These very intelligent animals can often outsmart you. Way ahead of his time, IGGY will show you just how smart he is and remind you often that you're not just dealing with an animal here but a very intelligent being. IGGY can be seen running circles around other animals in your household as well as you. If he wants your attention he knows exactly how to get it. You may have to hide your thoughts from IGGY when it's time to visit the vet, or you'll be looking for him for hours, causing you to miss your appointment, because he is a true mind reader. Keep IGGY surrounded with other animals and humans alike and he will reward you in many ways.  Friends with everyone, he needs the support and encouragement of others. IGGY's true worth is seen in how he so easily relates and cares for others. Introduce him to social situations early and he will make sure you include him in all you do.

Mercury Conjunct Pluto:

        There are no power struggles here, IGGY knows he is boss. He just lets you think you are. Performing and doing all things right he soon earns your respect. There is nothing IGGY won't do to make you believe he is number one. Following others is not an option, IGGY is a born leader and will expect others to follow him, including you. "Take my leash I will guide you and make you believe you are in complete control."


        Venus specifies the object of desire in a chart. This could be another dog or a favorite toy - it could even be you or another member of the family. When IGGY sees this object there's no looking back. Venus placement could help you find a suitable match for IGGY someday. There are soul mates out there for everyone including dogs. Dogs' souls also stand the test of time. Humans are not the only ones governed by karma. Let Venus lead you and your dog to happiness in finding true love.

Venus in Capricorn:

        IGGY means business and he won't be happy until he sees you satisfied with the result. Often starting as less than the favorite in the pack, IGGY eventually makes it to alpha dog. A real persistence is seen with this placement. IGGY will pester you until he becomes your favorite. He may be so scrawny and unattractive as a pup that you have to fall in love with him. Much to your surprise IGGY soon changes and becomes quite attractive as he ages. Secure with his order in the pack he sits back and enjoys the reward that comes with it. Willing to work hard to gain your trust, IGGY will resort to any means. Life improves with age for these old souls.

Venus in the 12th house:

        You may have to develop trust before IGGY comes out of the closet, but once he does he wins over everyone including his enemies. Your 30 pound ferocious tomcat also learns to love IGGY even if the tom does terrorizes him occasionally. IGGY reacts to his heart and can be hurt easily. He never forgets a kind deed. IGGY will not even be aware of those who might harm him. It would be wise to guard him in that respect. Keep him from being stolen by kind strangers. His heart belongs to you and he will long to be with you forever.

Venus Conjunct Mars:

        Keep IGGY on an active diet of steady exercise. He loves to play. Literally doing cartwheels to get your attention, IGGY can be seen jumping and prancing back and force until he gets his way. You can't help resisting this animated beautiful creature. Attractive in all he does, IGGY can't help but get noticed.


        Mars in a chart allows us to see where your dog's energy is and how he might use it. Will he be quick and aggressive or passive and resistant? Let Mars help you decide what activity your dog best qualifies for.

Mars in Capricorn:

        IGGY aims to please. He knows he isn't the best pup in the litter so he is going to make sure you know he excels at other things. Determined and the first to try new tricks, IGGY will work until you're satisfied. The working dog of the zodiac, IGGY can pull sleds or be your guide dog. He is not particularly interested in exercise so it would be good to encourage IGGY to take a daily walk when it's considered free time. No need to impress or work, just play time. This will just make IGGY want to work for you all the more, showing even more enthusiasm than before. IGGY can be the loyal watchdog and companion. The ugly duckling turned swan, IGGY is determined to make you look twice at his magnificent ways.

Mars in the 12th house:

        IGGY may have spent some time incarcerated or confined to a kennel. His freedom is very important now and he will kindly remind you of that when it comes time to place him in a crate. This may not be an easy task but one that is nonetheless necessary in some situations. Remind him it is temporary and that a reward will be granted if he is cooperative.

Mars Conjunct Venus:

        IGGY is attractive to all but loyal to one. There isn't a day when you can go down the street without someone remarking on how good looking he is. Well behaved with the personality and looks to go with it, IGGY isn't missing much. Judges will be hoodwinked by his beauty and grace.


        Wherever Jupiter falls in your dog's chart is where he is most likely to find good luck and abundance. Here is where the route to all adventures begins. Follow Jupiter around the chart for an idea of where you can bring IGGY the most enjoyment. Let him show you how to have fun and enjoy life in his own special way.

Jupiter in Aquarius:

        IGGY should be in a group home or one that houses a large number of animals and birds. The life of the party, IGGY lives to be with others. His intuitive nature is seen with other animals as well as humans. IGGY knows when the neighbors return and will leave home to greet them. He has a way of making everyone stop and pay attention to the silly antics he displays. Talkative in his own doggy way, IGGY may howl or whimper as long as he gets your attention. Keep IGGY surrounded with the activity of both children and other animals.

Jupiter in the 1st house:

        Is IGGY rather round around the middle? If not he may gravitate toward that as he ages. IGGY is energetic and exuberant in all he does. There's no halfway with him. He goes through life with gusto. IGGY's appetite is likely to be the same as his lust for life.  He enjoys the chase or hunt. You can't stop these dogs from seeking adventure. Take IGGY to forest trails often. This is where IGGY is the happiest. His energy is high and IGGY must have adequate exercise to tame that wild soul.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn:

        Persistent in a big way. This dog wins his way into your heart with his constant prodding. IGGY will try again and again until he gets noticed. There is no job too tough, IGGY will get it done. It could be just digging up the flowerbed to bury a bone or digging his way out from under the fence. IGGY will continue until all is well and done. You gotta love him though, despite his sometimes bad behavior. His ingenious methods of escape or his lust to complete a project once initiated are to be adored. However, trying to prevent such behavior could present a problem.


        Saturn in your dog's chart represents the disciplinarian or authority figure. This could be you or his own canine mother. This is the person who sets the limits on obedience and how IGGY behaves. The rules learned here become known as IGGY's personal boundaries. Boundaries and limits are meant to be challenged - IGGY instinctively knows how far he can push you. By learning where Saturn is in IGGY's chart we find how to manage behavior with a disciplinarian approach he can live with.

Saturn in Aries:

        IGGY Is a survivor and may have come from very limited or confined conditions at birth. Possibly the only survivor in a group of puppies. IGGY will resist your attempts at training unless you are very assertive. He can become angry when not allowed to have his way. He is not afraid of being the only dog in the family and is used to solitude from a very early age.

Saturn in the 3rd house:

        IGGY tries to communicate his needs but doesn't quite know how to get them across to you. His whining or pacing may be mistaken until you learn to understand his subtle intentions. IGGY's communications can go unnoticed or can be thought to be of no purpose unless you are paying attention. Wrong, there is a definite intention in all his actions. His communication skills may be lacking but he will use any method possible to get through to you until you finally get it!

Saturn Sextile Jupiter:

        Success is in the wings for this lucky canine. IGGY can't wait to show you how all the hard work will pay off. How many points does he have now? Is Best in Show next? Watch as IGGY convinces not only you but the judges too. Getting to stardom is half the fun.


        Uranus, the planet of change and excitement, remains in a sign for approximately 7 years. For this reason it is considered one of the generational planets, affecting large groups of dogs born during the period.  Uranus shows us where individualism is strongest. Genius abilities can be evident with the right training. Independence is also strongest here. Change in this area can be accomplished only by communicating on a different level of understanding, for example intuition, natural forces, habit, or other unconventional and inexplicable methods. Information is processed with lightning speed showing a higher intelligence at work.

Uranus in Aquarius:

        Unselfish in all he does, IGGY can impress you with his loving devotion. Caring for all in the family, his humanitarian efforts do not go unnoticed. IGGY can be seen helping other animals along the way and it is not unheard of for him to bring a few home with him for a free meal. He automatically senses those in need and will try to lend a hand. This does not exclude you and your friends as well. Intuitive to others he senses when there are troubled natures that need some loving attention. IGGY can direct his attention to those individuals providing them with the gift of love. Through this he has accomplished more than he will ever know. IGGY can be quite inventive and original when it comes to getting you to try new things. He is often the first to wake you, as his restless spirit does not allow much time for sleep. His intuitive nature will know when you're ready and remind you with a gentle nudge and his leash when it's time to go. Sometimes his erratic behavior may surprise you, but this is only his response to external stimuli he has tuned in to. Of course this is beyond your comprehension unless you're as tuned in to things as he is. Watch for restless behavior and try to allow IGGY some degree of independence for him to follow his natural calling to be with others.

Uranus in the 1st house:

        With Uranus placed here IGGY can be seen as one odd bird. He is often different and unusual, which may be what got your initial attention when deciding to bring him home. You may have come upon IGGY quite suddenly in your travels and decided right there he was the one for you. Often taller than most animals, IGGY may also have a very large head. That's where he keeps all that extra brainpower he continues to impress you with. The smartest animal in the group, IGGY becomes bored quite easily with ordinary teaching methods. He is a quick learner although a bit stubborn when it comes to change.

Uranus Sextile Mercury:

        Quick and active in all he does, IGGY doesn't stop for long before taking on the next endeavor. Quick to join you in any activity he often beats you to the door with bated breath. Communication with him is not necessary; IGGY seems to be wired into his own telepathic line. Understanding human and dog alike, IGGY can be one of the smartest animals you encounter.

Uranus Sextile Pluto:

        Give IGGY the respect he deserves. Don't let his docile appearance fool you into thinking he's not the boss of his domain. You can be suddenly reminded of this when another animal attempts to take his place. Be sure IGGY has the word "No" in his vocabulary.


        Neptune gives you a view into your dog's soul. It shows us the mystical magical side to him that makes him tick. What is IGGY's soul purpose in life? Is it to belong to you or does he have a greater mission? The house that Neptune is found in is where IGGY will sacrifice all to obtain a higher position in your eyes. Neptune takes about 14 years to complete its cycle through one sign. Many generations of dogs will have Neptune in the same sign therefore house placement will be more important, with emphasis on the activities of the house.

Neptune in Capricorn:

        "Show me the reward and results and I'll show you what I can do." There's no tricking IGGY. He wants concrete proof that the reward is coming or you can forget it. "Show me the treat and I'll work all day for you." Introducing IGGY to new ambitions will help him to develop into a trusting companion.

Neptune in the 1st house:

        IGGY can often be seen escaping to parts unknown. His private bed or room will provide IGGY with the perfect escape to dream land. Trusting of all, IGGY can get in trouble from those who may wish to bring him harm. You may have to keep him in close proximity to protect him from his own trusting nature. A tendency toward weight gain can be prevented by daily walks to the water where IGGY would enjoy a swim or two. Psychic and intuitive to all who cross his path. Use caution with antibiotics, anesthesia and vaccines, since IGGY can be more sensitive to these, possibly having allergic reactions. Sensitive to sound as well, IGGY needs shelter from unnecessary noise that may play havoc with his finely tuned nervous system.


        Pluto in IGGY's chart shows where he has the greatest potential. Through instruction and sometimes change he can achieve mastery of any skill you teach him. Instinctively IGGY knows, as if from a prior lifetime, exactly how to do things, even if he was never taught before. Never having experienced a specific activity before and without prior knowledge, IGGY can be an expert at this activity expressed by the house in which Pluto is located.

Pluto in Sagittarius:

        IGGY has enough adventure in him to provide you with entertainment for life. Almost goofy in his antics he can give you hours of fun. Follow him to wooded paths where IGGY can hunt, trail and raise prey just for entertainment. Provide IGGY with ample outdoor play time where he can roam in the wild.

Pluto in the 11th house:

        The ringleader in the group. There is no doubt who the boss is. IGGY will have many followers and he controls friends by showing them his way of doing things. Try not to let IGGY overpower other, smaller dogs in the group.

Pluto Conjunct Mercury:

        IGGY is intelligent and forceful in his communications. IGGY gets his point across by almost knocking you over or hitting you with a paw before it registers on your brain. IGGY may be able to teach other animals either by good or bad example. He can force his way out of any situation.

Pluto Sextile Uranus:

        Magnetic and intuitive, IGGY can get his point across to you without difficulty, often waking you from a sound sleep to draw your attention to something that is unusual. The telepathic way that IGGY communicates with you is not noticed by others. He can send messages allowing you to assimilate the information on your own terms. Communication with other animals is also intensified. Although IGGY has many friends, he is still the boss.