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I've been making poetry for much of my life and to a lesser degree prose and word collages.

I also put poetry & text into graphical forms. A few poems were turned into short videos by other people.

Fallow periods come and so far, go.
When the words don't come I try drawing/doodling.

Sometimes I use an old surrealist technique, choose a letter, any letter, use it to begin a sentence, every sentence if necessary and carry on writing without pausing to think where it's going. Sometimes it opens out possibilities, other times not (!)

I love all kinds of writing and all sorts of styles, but become easily influenced by what I read, which inhibits my own writing for fear of (unconsciously) imitating the last writer read.

Experimental writing appeals to me. From the Symbolists through Dada, Futurism (Russian more than Italian), to the concrete poetry experiments of the 1950s/60s to the hyperlinked experiments of the last few years.

Poetry is the medium I enjoy most. It can reach the heart of a subject with a minimum amount of words.

Another day, another profile.

to see me reading one of my poems


Thumbnails of my collages:


I recently spent a week at the Totleigh Barton,
Arvon Centre in Devon. Click here to see the photos and
here to see the video I made!




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