The Beginning:

As an unconfident, touch sensitive - writing or touching a key becomes a fear in where to start and what to do.

I prefer children's stories because I like simplicity, purity and basics of where I go from here, such as the beginning:  Will it be from childhood, where the idea of enchantment, witchery and puppetry came from?

The imagination, from being a loner, insular and cellared in the dark of unknown. The memories of past life reincarnations, cobwebs trapped in corners of a large house, fear of identity, reflection of black races, forces of the unknown, diversionary and beating me in, out and onto my face.


There is a lack of confidence in the left brain and right brain.
So where do I start... A dyslexic tendency and a hesitant feel that becomes a factor of disability or defect.
A weakness and also a fear of the deep end.



Elizabeth's birthchart

Elizabeth's Natal Report