Want to easily grasp the meanings of the Tarot cards?


Want a speedy way to use the Tarot to solve your current dilemmas?


Want gorgeous pictures?


Want click-able
 links to every card?


Want simple spreads 
that speak to your exact situation?



Want all the above to be



You've got it!

'Easy Peasy Tarot Card Meanings'

is THE book for truth-seekers who don't have all day to figure out tomorrow.

Who like to keep things simple.

But don't want to compromise on depth.



Only $19

Excluding VAT where applicable.





"This is a bloody fantastic book!
Clear, concise, well designed and positive.
It makes it damn easy for me to just pick up a deck and ask pertinent questions using it."


Mia Brar, Astrologer.





You want an easy way to learn the Tarot cards.


But need more substance than the one sentence meanings you've found in the 'white book' that came with your cards, or in other 'simple' Tarot books.


Yet you're too impatient to plough through pages of esoteric waffle (that doesn't relate to your problems in the real world) that you've found in more weighty tomes.


I know. I've been there. That was me many Moons ago, starting out on my Tarot journey.


And now, 30+ years on, as a professional Tarot reader, I've written the book I wish was available then!




"This book chimes with something I've always thought:
Trust your intuition.
It is extremely easy to read and I would thoroughly recommend it for a beginner like myself."


Andrew Jones, Substance Misuse Worker.


Only $19

Excluding VAT where applicable.



What's included:


One page interpretations of all 78 Tarot cards, more meaty than most 'simple' Tarot books, yet pertinent to life in the world today, without any extraneous fluff that's likely to give you a headache!


hanged manstar

Totally Gorgeous Tarot card designs.



An easy to implement introduction to reading the Tarot cards for yourself.


Plus Bonuses:


Six Tarot spreads for life and love that are easily applied to your own situation.


star2 of Pentacles

A guide to creating your own spreads.


The Starstar

The Astrological association of each Tarot card.


star2 of Cups  

Annnnd it's all gorgeous an' colourful too.



“I found 'Easy Peasy Tarot Card Meanings' very easy to read. 
It made the Tarot cards much more approachable and I found myself really interested in finding out more about each card because it was so accessible. 
This is a super useful resource.”


Margaret Reynolds, Integration Services Manager.



Only $19

Excluding VAT where applicable.



Who am I?


Alison Wilkie, Tarot Reader & Astrologer.


My mission is to breathe fresh air into whatever’s deflating your mojo.

By revealing the truth behind things that are getting you down.

Because truth is a beautiful thing.

Or, to put it another way...

I help people with busy lives get in touch with their higher-selves.

And you get the answers you’re looking for to live a life that you love.


‘Coz truth-seeking is my thing.





"Easy Peasy Tarot Card Meanings lives up to its name by giving a clear insight into not only the meanings of the cards, but also how to use them. It completely demystifies the ambiguities of Tarot."

Amanda on a Scottish beach

Amanda McAllister, Theatrical Agent. 



Only $19

Excluding VAT where applicable.




"Easy Peasy Tarot Card Meanings is colourful, concise and goes straight to the point. I can see beginners really enjoying this, as well as more experienced readers who need a reference check".

Magdelna Tarot

Magdalena Tarot, Tarot Reader.



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This is not for you if you're happy spending years learning the Tarot card meanings.

As this book could mean the difference between you spending the next year learning the Tarot cards....

Or impressing your friends with awe-inspiring Tarot readings next week.



Only $19

Excluding VAT where applicable.




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